Welcome to the Kyrygzstan New Zealand Rural Trust

A Registered Charity Organisation in New Zealand


The mountain communities of rural Kyrgyzstan are amongst the most poverty stricken in the world. Many families were plunged into poverty through no fault of their own, but by the actions of governments and they are tossed around on the tide of world events much worse than we are. Helping the Kyrgyz people find a way to get themselves out of this poverty is what our charity organisation is all about and we need your help now. We equip them with the tools to rise above adversity and not only survive but improve quality of life for their families. Read the Stories to see the results.

A little bit of New Zealand goes a long way here. We are proud of the difference our charity organisation is making, and with your support we can help many more villages to lift themselves out of poverty. Tiny places like the province of Naryn oblast in central Kyrgyzstan are off the radar for international aid and that is the driver for the KNZRT. Without us the future is grim here – we are the only development agency working in some villages.

Donate to our charity and you can develop a relationship with a particular family, a group of families or even a village. However you choose to donate, you will be kept updated on the progress being made with your particular family, group or village. Please visit our donations page to see how money donated helps the villages of Kyrgyzstan.

“I would like to thank NZ donors for their support. We have not got such a support even from the local well-off farmers and local government. We were so thankful that each group member decided to give a goat kid to a young poor family next year. This way we would replicate your project and this would set an example to the people, who could make input as well. It has worked already; a couple of better-off farmers distributed some goats and sheep between poor families as well.” Aida, leader of the goat group. Click here to read the full story . . .

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